Kristina‚Äôs warm and harmonious style at the piano has brought delight to many, for many years. Although classically trained, Kristina  found inspiration in folk tunes, musicals, the Beatles and J.S. Bach. Later, in her teens, she discovered jazz and the craft of improvisation, which she has been honing ever since.

Kristina has brought her musical gifts to a wide variety of people, in a wide number of venues, in solo, duo, trio and small ensembles for  Special Events, Weddings, Wakes and Church Liturgies.

Currently, Kristina, as a Certified Music Practitioner and member of the Healing Arts team with Centura Health, provides live therapeutic music for patients, family and staff at Porter Hospital, in Denver, Colorado. She also provides music for residents at Brookdale-Roslyn and for participants at the Johnson Adult Care Center.